Jody has always had a passion for money, personal development, public speaking, teaching young people about money, business. Her mission is to roll all those things into her speaking and coaching career and to use those passions and gifts to benefit others on a more personal level. She asks that you call her “Jody” nothing else is acceptable. Or maybe it is LOL!


Background includes a number of years as an investment advisor where she not only learned so much about money management and the stock market, but also was featured in Salt Lake Magazine.


She went on to be a volunteer and then Director for People Helping People where she got to continue to further her education through practical experience. Training, coaching, program development, leadership, speaking, media relations, business management, and team management. She was a guest on several radio shows. She was a featured speaker for many forums, but most notable for American Express (company diversity program).


She had the experience of many years working in an arena with financial and business experts, such as Loral Langemeier, Bob Diamond, Dani Johnson, Armando Montelongo, Todd Datsun, Robert Allen and CEO Space.


Jody has been a Toastmaster since 2001. She is an Advanced Toastmaster Silver and soon to be a Distinguished Toastmaster. She was Area Governor of the Year and   President’s Distinguished Area. Because of the later two, she got to meet personally with the Toastmasters International President, Johnny Uy. And aside from her mom, attributes that to really making her the person she is today.


She is also a member of an exclusive club that teaches higher levels of success. It’s a private membership where she is mentored by some of the richest people in the world and all based in the Law of Attraction…but on steroids.


Next on her bucket list…Open Mic Night at Wiseguys, voiceovers, and her new vision for a foundation she is starting. All coming soon.


She did something today and wants to DARE YOU. She is now an actress too! She has never acted, but now she has a lead role.


She wants to bring all of these gifts to you and may her success be only because of yours.


This has all been by me kids, but I want to put it in a personal context…


I never wanted to act, but I do all the time.  Oh, it’s big too! This day has been more then I could have ever imagined. Keep watching and you’ll know more. Luv you all, but most importantly, my hubby for giving me the freedom to do what I’m doing right now. I’ll thank the rest by saying a BIG THANK YOU!!! Today has been incredible. But I am exhausted…time to go to bed. XOXOXO


One last note. This is a quote by me, but feel free to use it if you give me credit LOL! “I am not who you thought I would be, I won’t be who you will think I will be. Won’t that be fun?”


Do I put it in quotations since I said it? Good night.


Jody, ATM-S

Jody SpeaksÔ





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