{September 14, 2011}   Today’s inspiration.

There’s No Such Thing as True Altruism



I call BS on those who think they are altruists.  Webster defines altruism as “unselfish regard for or devotion to the welfare of others”. I call BS because all of us get something from everything we do in our lives. Good or bad.

It’s not your job to change the people around you. It’s your job to focus on you. So what do you want in your life?

If you care about the welfare of others, care for your own welfare first. Ask yourself, “Why do I want this?” “What does this do for me?”

So ask yourself this question…”Why?”


How frinkin’ simple is that?



We are all looking for happiness, joy, fulfillment. And that is what our life experience is about.

You will only achieve that in the why. Ó

Yes you can use this if I wouldn’t have Shared silly. Rright ginny they r LEARNING

Gnite ginny


Jody says:

Do you tni tey gettin boo smrt ginney or road smart ginney in BIG per son voice “yes little girl!

Actually don’t see why you need to chose one or the other.

You can do something for others and enjoy it yourself, without it stopping being altruistic…..


So I want to clarify some meaning in this post.

A couple of people either took offense to this or thought it was about them. First to say…this was written years before I knew any of you. Secondly…

I want to paraphrase something from Lady Jessica in Dune. She says something like, “My son fashions a fine cloth. Funny you think it was fashioned for you.” Meaning, what I do or say, isn’t about you.

I couldn’t find the exact quote and maybe I wasn’t meant to. This may be the chance for me to ask for YOUR help.

Thanks to my husband Craig for this. I’m not into science fiction, but in searching for this quote, I found a lot of very profound wisdom that I will share from time to time. He is excited that this is something we can share now. We’re going to watch the Dune series together.


When I say there is no such thing as true altruism, this is what I mean…

If one gives with no strings or expectation, the greatest gift is received by them. Giving is a gift. Not just for the receiver, but also for the giver.

Another lesson in this, to the receiver (one I have really had to learn)…if you are not a good receiver, you rob not only yourself, but others from beautiful gifts.

A note to all readers…My Play Ground! My Rules!!! So my rule is…if you don’t know what I mean…ask.

And my gift too all, today and every day…


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