{September 11, 2011}   So today, in remembrance.

So every year on this day…I hate to hear “remembrance”. I call it dwelling. Oh well, I’ll just change my attitude about that. It was beautiful to see Ground Zero today. I want to share what I remember about that day… My niece lived with me at that time. I called the school to ask what they were going to do about this and they were going to do nothing. Not even talk about it. I thought, “The kids are going to hear rumors. They’re going to get scared and you are doing NOTHING?” I asked them to send my girls home. We spent the day watching TV and talking. They had lots of questions and sometimes I didn’t know, but the point was…they weren’t scared. But here’s my RANT…my friend told me today the schools STILL don’t talk about it. What?!!!! So to resolve this RANT, let me ask you for a favor. Today, please talk to your kids. Not just about today, but about EVERYTHING!!! And remember, honesty is the best policy.

BTW, watching the memorial right now. My eyes are full of tears. And Queen Latifah, YOU ROCK!!!


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